Welcome to the Sponsors Page

In order to provide attractive prizes that reward the hard work of the entrants we need the support of commercial sponsors. In addition, we require funding for printing and framing the winning images and for costs associated with the prize award ceremony. We are very grateful therefore for this year's sponsorship from the following companies:

Peqlab Limited

Peqlab have contributed generously to the prize fund and, in a new imaginative venture, have funded a conference travel bursary to the tune of £300 for the best image submitted by a PhD student. The award will be made to help towards the often considerable costs of attending a scientific conference. Many thanks to Duncan Borthwick for offering this generous support.

Science Photo Library Ltd

Science Photolibrary, the world's leading supplier of science images, have kindly contributed to the competition funds and Rose Taylor (Creative Director) has agreed to give up some of her precious time to act as one of our judges. Thanks Rose!

Nature Publishing Group

Nature Cell Biology, one of the top cell biology journals, have kindly donated a year's subscription to Nature Cell Biology (worth £185) to the competition. In addition, Bernd Pulverer, Editor of Nature Cell Biology, has kindly agreed to act as one of our judges. Thanks Bernd!

Invitrogen Limited

Invitrogen have generously funded the first prize of £300 cash (to be called the Molecular Probes Prize). In addition, if any winning entry has used a Molecular Probes product, Invitrogen will provide high quality T-shirts bearing the winning image for the winner's lab.

Further, a special 30% discount on any AlexaFluor-labelled reagents is available for entrants who want to use such reagents in the preparation of a sample for imaging. Please quote the promotional code P421316 on orders.

Applied Precision Inc.

Applied Precision Inc. based in Issaquah, Seattle, USA, makers of the legendary DeltaVision microscope, have generously sponsored the prize fund.

Chroma Technology Corp.

Chroma Technology Corp., based in Vermont, USA, manufacturers of the some of the best microscope filters available, have very kindly sponsored the competition.

Biosera Ltd and Labtech International Limited

We thank Biosera Ltd and Labtech International Ltd., partner companies who supply sera and media components, for their generous sponsorship. In conjunction with the competition Biosera are offering special discounts for University of Dundee researchers. Download more info here.

Leica Microsystems Limited

Many thanks go to Leica MicroSystems makers of a range of excellent imaging systems, for their important contribution to our funds.

Merck Chemicals Limited

Many thanks go to Merck, suppliers of a huge range of chemicals and lab reagents, for their kind assistance with sponsorship.

BD Biosciences Ltd

We thank BD Biosciences, suppliers of FACS/HCS Imaging equipment and antibody reagents, for their kind sponsorship.

Thistle Scientific Ltd.

Thanks Thistle for a much appreciated gift of a bottle of 12 yr old Glenlivet for 5th prize.


We would also like to acknowledge the support of the College of Life Science and College of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing.