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A selection of winners from previous competitions.


1st prize

1st Prize: Andrew Campbell
Cancer cells change morphology and adhesiveness, contributing to disease progression. This image represents a 3D reconstruction of confocal images of TR146 keratinocytes stained for ezrin, which is significant in metastasis. Our aim is to determine how changes in ezrin contribute to alterations in cell:cell contacts and disease progression in skin cancer.

2nd prize

2nd Prize: James Gove
Endoluminal Cone. Currently being developed by IMSaT, the Institute of Medical Science and Technology, part of University of Dundee, the endoluminal cone offers an alternative to some keyhole surgery procedures.

3rd prize

3rd prize - Helen Sanderson
Crazy Chromosomes. A collection of images taken of cultured human cancer cells as they undergo mitosis. To help understand this dynamic process, chromosomes and individual proteins within a cell may be readily visualised when stained with fluorescent labels, as shown here. Confocal microscopy was used to take the images.

4th prize

4th prize - Sarah Mizielinska
An isolated hippocampal neuron with highlighted dendritic spines, the sites of synaptic input from surrounding neurons in a huge neuronal network. Recombinant expression of fluorescently tagged 2 (green) and 3 (red) subunits that form part of the major inhibitory GABAA receptor in the brain (colocalisation can be seen in yellow).


john mcghee kidney

1st Prize: John McGhee - Kidney

irving 2nd

2nd Prize: Andy Irving


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